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Alphas join and use InvestorSpeαk for free. Alphas are asset owners and work for an organization (sovereign wealth fund, pension, foundation, endowment, corporation, insurance, family office) or manage personal/family capital (foundation, family office). Each Alpha maintains an “Alpha Card” profile, builds an Inner Circle and controls individual account settings.

Alpha Partners provide products and services, and utilize InvestorSpeαk to reach a valuable audience and build meaningful connections. Alpha Partners maintain a detailed profile and customized presence – firm background, contacts, offerings, performance, research, content pieces, events, webinars, news and more. Alpha Partners also submit polls and surveys, post jobs and offer promotions. 

Alpha Stamp is an InvestorSpeαk icon button used throughout the platform and externally to indicate participation. By default, an Alpha Stamp links to the applicable Alpha Card or Alpha Partner profile. Alphas and Alpha Partners may alter settings to link to specific content.

Alpha Assemblies are opportunities for Alphas to engage with one another and with Alpha Partners, learn, and have fun! Organized by InvestorSpeαk and driven by Alpha interest, Alpha Assemblies range from educational workshops to entertainment events.

Alpha Ambassadors actively advocate for the Alpha community. We regularly interact with Alpha Ambassadors and rely on their feedback to provide the best possible InvestorSpeαk experience!

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